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Looking for a beautiful environment to explore? Cute robot friends? How about creative brain teasing puzzles? The OASYS has been long dead, but now one robot has awakened. Alone, T1M must find a way to restore life to his home and friends using his unique ability of material assimilation to solve problems and traverse the OASYS. But T1M’s not alone when he has you! Help him save his friends and discover the secrets hidden in the OASYS. Players will immerse themselves in the mystery of the OASYS while challenging themselves to master each new puzzle they encounter. Those who are drawn into OASYS will be lovers of exploration, who look to games for a sense of wonder and adventure. OASYS will be initially developed for PC using Unity and potentially moving to console later on. 

OASYS has been in development throughout the spring semester at Champlain College by Graveyard Shift, a team of third-year students. We had two weeks of initial development with a smaller team of five people up until February 17th when we went through Champlain’s midterm selection process. After this we grew to a team of eight people who have been working on the game together since. We then acquired a 2D concept contractor (also a third year Champlain student) for a beginning cutscene that will be in the final build. Currently our preliminary build includes our hub area where you can interact with a basic tutorial, learn how to use our key mechanic (material assimilation), meet the npcs, and explore the area. Our final build will include the next areas, a canyon path that builds up narrative context as well as the pit area. The pit is a puzzle that the player will solve to further progress in the game's environment and narrative. The level that this culminates in is the final level of the game which will be further developed in the summer.

Interested in learning more about the members of Graveyard Shift? Details about their roles as well as links to their preferred portfolio are included below!

Team Graveyard Shift:

Ryan Littleton, Product Owner and Systems / Level Designer.


Miranda Mallery, Producer.


Declan Conner, Producer and QA Manager.


Wyatt Amedem, Writer and Narrative Designer.


Eric Shepard, Environment and Prop Artist.


Alex Labella, Character Artist.


Sophia Huang, 2D Concept Artist.


John Connelly, Lead Programmer.


Brennan Zynda, Generalist Programmer and Music Composer.


All team members are third-year students at Champlain College.


OASYS_GameFest_FinalBuild.zip 36 MB

Install instructions

The zip file contains a Unity executable that should run fine once extracted.

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